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Lightx app-Hey Guys Welcome back our official site today I am giving you lightx app The lightx app we use in our photo editing There is a lot of photo editing in the lightx app Like photo collages, add photo frames to your pictures, add stickers, make cutout and photo background changer, blur photos, create cartoons and caricatures, create sweet selfies and portrait photos, change hair color, add color splash effects, merge photos for double & multiple exposure effects and apply many other tools to edit pictures. You can put text on your photos and create your own text memes as well.

You can edit pictures using various advance photo edit tools like Color mixing, Curves, levels, and vignette effects. You can edit brightness, Contrast, Exposure, Hue, Saturation, Shadows & Highlights of pictures. You can apply an array of photo filters like Vintage, Retro, Drama, Glow, B&W, grunge and many more photo filters on photos.

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Download Lightx App 2019 Latest (Version Info)

Download by Lightx App 2019 Latest Version-Friends, if you go to find this app on the Play Store, you will not get this app there. Because the Google Play Store does not put any type of mode app. This is against the policies of the Play Store. You are wondering how to download this app. Don’t Warry Guys You Are Seach Lightx App on google search bar And After Searching You Will Show A lot Of Link From where you will be able to download this app. In all the sites you can not find the modern Lightx App Because of ALL The Site Not Update Post Regulatory.

So Don’t Worry With the help of this post in today, I will try to give you the perfect file. So friends do not take you too much time, we go on the next topic. After installing this app, we will talk about the specifics of this app. First of all, you can download this app by clicking on the link given below.


Apk nameLightX Photo Editor & Photo Effects
Size18.43 MB
ModUse all Premium Features for free


How To Install Lightx Photo Editor APP

After downloading Lightx app you are thinking of installing this app Don’t worry I will teach you how to install Lightx app properly. By installing the latest version of Lightx app, you can delete the old version. If you already use Lightx app, you will not need to tell how to install this app.If But you are a new Gibi user then you may need to know this. First of all, you can download this file And After downloading you tap this file And After taping, you will get the option to install on your device. And simple you can install this app Let us tell this process well below with the image

Friends, if you download an app from anywhere other than Google Play Store and install it on your phone then you have a  to open some setting,

Settings >> Security & Fingerprint >> Tap on Unknown Sources option.


  • First of all, download GBWhatsApp mod apk latest version from the link shared in the above section.
  • Now, install it on your phone same like other apps, you will get it in the download folder.


After installing friends you can easily use your app Let’s talk about some of the features of this app. You should go about the features of this app

LightX Photo Editor & Photo Effects 2019

LightX picture editor offers:

1. Cutout and Photo Background Changer
• Use Lasso tool to recognize similar regions and change photo background
• You can superimpose your cutout on any photo background and create new content

2. Color Splash Photo Effects
• Selectively apply different color, light and gray photo effects on different regions of photos
• Smart lasso tool to automatically select similar color splash regions

3. Merge photos
• Mix photo to create impressive photo effects
• Merge photos using different blend modes like darken blend, lighten blend to create double exposure, multiple exposure photo effects

4. Professional image editing tools
• Use Curve, Levels and Color Balance to edit pictures.

5. Perfect your Selfie and portrait photos
• Auto and manual mode to smooth and sharp images
• Range of automatic selfie filters to choose from
• Remove spots and marks like pimples and blemishes from your face
• Change hair color and apply different hairstyles
• Whiten your teeth
• Blur background of your portrait photos

6. Edit photos with a range of photo filters
• Choose and apply different photo filters like Vintage, Retro, Black and White, Grunge, Drama, Analog filters and Glow effects
• Range of artistic filters to get different gray shade, color shade, and paint photo effects

7. Advanced Photo Transform tools
• Crop, Rotate and apply perspective transform to edit pictures.

8. Standard Photo Editing
• Edit photos with various adjustment tools to change brightness, contrast, exposure, hue, saturation, intensity, shadows, mid-tones, highlights, temperature, tint, and color

9. Blur Photo Editor
• Apply different blur effects like lens blur, bokeh blur and use the mask to selectively blur background.
• Apply vignette effect on inner and outer regions.

10. Shape Manipulation
• Use the refine tool to shape your body features
• Use reshape tool to get different cartoon and caricature effects

11. Photo Collage
• Create photo collages by combining multiple images from wide variety of collage templates and grid layouts
• You can resize your collage, change the background color and border thickness of your collage

12. Photo Frames
• Put your photos in a range of photo frames like grunge, birthday, color, vintage & love photo frames.

13. Photo Sticker
• Apply numerous photo stickers like love photo sticker, comic photo stickers, text photo stickers, birthday photo stickers and many more to your images
• Change the color and transparency of your stickers

14. Doodle and drawings
• Use different doodle brush options to draw on your images
• Change the color, thickness, and size of your doodle brush

15. Text on photo
• Add different text on your images and create text memes as well
• Option to change thickness, color, font, the opacity of the added text

Lightx  Pro Apk Review By Public

1-Hamza Osmani

I am in love like so much in love with this app please make this stop I am going crazy what can I do my mind is just telling me to carry on I love it this is going to help me with my school project because I have to print something for me reading in somewhere creepy yeah really funny I don’t believe they could invent an app this amazing I wish I could do more for this that’s why I’m going to write this I really really really really good five stars tonight X photo editor I really recommend this

2-Katy Ray

honestly, this is the best photo editor I have ever used I can use multiple edits and not get charged for it there are some things that I need to pay for it but that’s alright it’s only 99 cents for certain effects. I would definitely recommend this app to somebody that’s trying to edit photos or make better videos.

3-Reuben Tierney

great app!!! has too many useful features to list… all come with instructional videos. mind blown!!! would suggest this app for anyone with a creative streak, in fact, all you need is a little imagination and your away!!! the perfect app… 5stars!!!

4-3G Music

I would give it five stars, but with the new updates and the store and everything I really don’t like it and it’s not what it used to be. It has tons of amazing features but now it’s becoming more like all the other photo editing apps out there with the new updates. **EDIT** new phone. new updates. its been abt a year since i wrote this. still not there yet compared to what it was. good features though

5-Stephanie Ryder

I would compare this app to like a lite version of Photoshop. Very user-friendly. Not super accurate editing but good enough to make you look flawless for Facebook and Instagram images and add interesting filters and backgrounds. I’ve only had it for about a maybe a week or so and this is the first time I would ever pay for an editing app for my phone. Hopefully, it will continue to get better with added features but if not I’ll still use it.



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